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Imagine your success with our innovative photography services

At Magic Three, we combine the art of photography with the science of technology to showcase your brand like never before. Our photographers have an eye for capturing the essence of your brand’s uniqueness

In today’s dynamic digital world, imagery is key to capturing attention and building a lasting impression. As an integral part of visual communication, photography plays a fundamental role in building your brand, capturing your customers’ attention, and telling a unique story. Our photography service fully understands these challenges and offers you a professional approach to creating images that appeal to today’s audiences.

Imagine visually stunning, full-size photography showing a cutting-edge technology product or futuristic marketing campaign in action. The image is crisp, and vivid and evokes a sense of modernity and innovation.

Our Services


Is a service that creates professional portraits of a company’s employees.
As part of this service, portrait photographs are often used in marketing materials, on the company’s website and in internal communications.
Corporate team photos help to build a company’s identity and position it as professional and credible.


In Product Photography, we focus on presenting products in a way that is attractive and convincing to potential customers.
Appropriate lighting and composition are key to capturing the details and features of products.
We often use take photos in catalogues, online shops, advertisements and on manufacturers’ websites.


Is a diverse field that includes advertising, promotional and marketing photography.
The aim of the service is to attract the attention of your customers and encourage them to buy your products or use your company’s services.
We often use commercial photography in print advertising, publicity materials, catalogues and online


Involves capturing important moments at various events such as weddings, conferences, exhibitions, birthdays and many more.
We always try to capture the emotions, the human relationships and the atmosphere of the event.
These photographs help to preserve memories and document the course of events


Refer to photo shoots conducted outside the studio, on specific locations such as beaches, parks, cities or building interiors.
During such a session, we obtain unique backgrounds and atmospheres that can add depth and character to the photographs


Lifestyle photography documents human life, habits and activities in a natural way.
These images often show everyday situations, interactions and emotions, which is particularly popular in marketing, especially in the context of brands and products aimed at specific target groups


We focus on presenting food, drinks and dishes in an appetising and enticing way.
Lighting and food styling are key to achieving images that evoke a feeling of hunger and attract the attention of restaurants, caterers and food producers


Social media photography services:

We create photographs for social media with a view to publication on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest, Tik Tok etc.
The aim is to attract the attention of social media users and build the brand online through compelling visual content

Creating high-quality images is a key element in building a professional online image that supports Google’s SEO and business cards. Our company offers a comprehensive photography service to help you stand out in the crowd and attract the attention of potential clients.

Our experienced team of photographers specialise in a variety of photography types, from product and portrait photography to interior and architectural photography. Whatever your business, we can create images that perfectly capture the character of your brand and grab the attention of your audience.

In addition to creating high-quality images, our team is also tasked with optimising your images for SEO. This means appropriate tagging, descriptions and file names to help your images rank in Google search results. In addition, we can use the photos to enhance your website’s position by placing them on relevant subpages and linking them to other pages.

It is also worth remembering to use photography to enhance your Google business card. By adding professional photos of your products, interiors or employees to your business card, you can increase its attractiveness and value to potential customers. This, in turn, will increase your company’s visibility in local search results.

When you work with us, you can rest assured that your images will not only be professional and appealing to your audience, but also effective in supporting your Google page and business card positioning. Contact us today to start creating images that will help you succeed online!

You are ready to immerse yourself in a world of photography that combines modernity with creativity, we are ready to guide you!

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your visual and marketing goals. Together, we’ll create images that will grab attention, inspire and be memorable for your customers